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Top 10 Marketplaces in Indonesia Q3-2021

Top 10 Marketplaces in Indonesia

Tokopedia and Shopee dominate online marketplaces during the third quarter of 2021, followed by Bukalapak, Lazada and Blibli. This was revealed by iPrice, an online shopping aggregation site.

According to the iPrice report, local and regional e-commerce are still evenly matched in the top 10 e-commerce rankings with the most monthly website visitors. This iPrice report reveals that 5 local e-commerce sites have made it into the top 10 rankings.

The top 10 marketplaces in Indonesia during July-September 2021 in a row are:

  1. Tokopedia
  2. Shopee
  3. Bukalapak
  4. Lazada
  5. Blibli
  6. Orami
  7. Ralali
  8. Bhinneka
  9. JD.ID
  10. Zalora

Tokopedia managed to rank first with the number of website visitors reaching 158 million every month. Meanwhile, Shopee has a difference of 23 million with 134 million visitors per month.

Far from the two giants, Bukalapak is in third place with 30 million monthly website visitors, and Lazada 27 million and Blibli following in fifth place with 16 million monthly website visitors.

Other Indonesian marketplaces include Ralali, who is in seventh place with 5 million monthly website visitors, and Bhinneka, eighth with 4 million monthly website visitors.

Tokopedia’s local e-commerce has managed to dominate as e-commerce with the highest number of monthly website visitors since Q1 2021. The merger conducted by Tokopedia with online transportation company Gojek in early 2021 is considered to have a positive impact on increasing traffic to the Tokopedia website.

In a meeting of the Board of Governors of Bank Indonesia in mid-November, BI Governor Perry Warjiyo revealed that the growth of e-commerce transactions in the third quarter of 2021 reached IDR 58.2 trillion.

Meanwhile, in the second quarter of 2021 it was Rp 75.4 trillion, and in the third quarter of 2021 it was Rp 58.2 trillion. “The total value of e-commerce transactions recorded by the central bank in the last nine months is IDR 185.2 trillion. Bank Indonesia is optimistic that the total value of e-commerce transactions this year can grow by 48.4% yoy or in nominal terms to reach Rp. 395 trillion, “said Perry Warjiyo.

Based on the data iPrice has collected to date, local e-commerce is performing very well and continues to set new records every year. The latest research results from Google, Temasek and Bain & Co in the e-Conomy SEA 2021 report state that e-commerce will be the main driver of Indonesia’s digital economy in 2021.

This is reflected in the sector’s gross merchandise value (GMV) which is estimated to reach US$ 53 billion by the end of 2021, and it has been predicted that by 2030, Indonesia could have a GMV value 2 times greater than the current GMV of Southeast Asia.

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