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These are the 7 Greatest Trading Strategies in the World that are Good and Right Let’s Profit

These are the 7 Greatest Trading Strategies in the World that are Good and Right Let’s Profit. Many people ask me about the best trading strategies to use in trading stocks, forex or gold. In a sense, which trading strategy gives the most profit. Well, now I will tell you the most powerful trading strategy in the world. Check out this article to find out the answer.

The name of the world’s most powerful trading strategy is “SEKAREPMU”. For those who don’t know, “sekarepmu” is a Javanese word meaning “It’s up to you”.

These are the 7 Greatest Trading Strategies in the World that are Good and Right Let’s Profit

Often I am asked about the trading strategy I use. When I said, to trade mainly using the Moving Average indicator, most people don’t believe it. They consider that a trading strategy using old-school indicators such as the Moving Average is not the best choice.

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You know, I’m not a fan of weird trading strategies. While many “experts” create various trading strategies, and are extraordinarily named, I simply use the Moving Average. For me, all trading strategies can be used to generate profits and can potentially be the most powerful trading strategies, including Moving Averages. For your knowledge, there are also professional traders who use Moving Averages and are successful like Marty Schwartz.

If you really intend to look for the world’s greatest trading strategy, I guarantee you will never find it. Each trading strategy has its advantages and disadvantages.

What matters is not what trading strategy to use, but more importantly how you use it. If you know how to use it, know its strengths and weaknesses, along with good risk management and trading psychology, any trading strategy can be your “best tool” for profit. But if you don’t know how to use it, any trading strategy can also potentially be the “worst tool” to spend your money trading.
Forex trading strategy is a technique used by traders to determine when to open or close a trading position. To that end, there are a number of forex strategies that traders can use, including fundamental analysis.

These are the 7 Greatest Trading Strategies in the World that are Good and Right Let’s Profit

In general, the strategy used will make it easier for a trader to analyze the market and confidently execute positions with risk management techniques.

The following is a forex trading strategy that you need to understand.

Range Trading Strategy

This technique is used including to identify support and resistance points when traders will place trades around these key levels. The strategy works well with no significant volatility and no visible trend. Technical analysis is the main tool used with this strategy.

Forex Scalping Strategy

Scalping is a well-known strategy in Indonesia. This strategy focuses on trading methods on low time frames with the aim of making small profits (around 5-15 pips) in a short period of time (1m-30m).

Usually, scalpers will open positions of up to tens to hundreds in a day. The more liquid the currency pair, the wider the opportunity for scalpers to get profit, because high liquidity makes position execution easier. Some of the indicators that are usually used by scalpers are Moving Average (MA), Stochastic, RSI, etc.

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Trend Trading Strategy

This is a simple forex trading strategy used by many traders of all experience levels. As for trading with this trend, it tries to generate positive profits by taking advantage of the momentum of the market direction.

Position Trading Strategy

A long-term trading strategy that focuses on the fundamentals. In the application of Position Trading, technical analysis can also be used to find entry and exit points. Smaller market fluctuations are not considered in this strategy, as they do not affect the broader market picture.

Daily Trading Strategy

Day trading is a strategy designed to trade financial instruments on the same trading day. That means, all positions are closed before the market closes. It can be a single trade or a number of trades throughout the day.

Carry Trade Strategy

The carry trade involves borrowing one currency with a lower exchange rate, followed by investing in another currency with a higher yield. In the end, this will result in a positive carry trade. This strategy is mainly used in the forex market.

Swing Trading Strategy

This strategy places Buy or Sell executions at price reversal points, or commonly known as swing trading. This trading system helps traders get the optimal profit possible when the price is moving in a certain direction.

The nickname for traders who use this trading system is Swing Trader. Swing Traders usually look for currency pairs with a fairly wide trading range. In order for this strategy to work optimally, a swing trader needs an effective swing system and good trend identification skills.

Thus an explanation of forex trading strategies, I hope this discussion is useful for you traders who are in the forex world.

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