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40+ Fast Ways to Earn Money from the Internet [Small Capital]

How to get money from the internet is not too difficult. Many people have made hundreds of millions of rupiah from their online activities. You too can achieve the same success. As long as you know the right way.

In this article, we will share various ways to make money from the internet that you can try. Let’s see more.

40+ Ways to Earn Money from the Internet

There are at least more than 40 ways to earn money online that we have summarized. So, you don’t have to bother doing your own research. Here are some of them:

  1. Join Affiliate
  2. Opening an Online Store
  3. Creating a Blog
  4. Selling Software
  5. Opening Online Coaching Services
  6. Creating an Online Course
  7. Selling WordPress Themes and Plugins
  8. Offering Graphic Design Skills
  9. Build a YouTube Channel
  10. Selling Products by Dropship
  11. Become a Freelance Writer
  12. Join the Online Survey Platform
  13. Become a Website Tester
  14. Selling ebooks
  15. Selling Handicrafts Online
  16. Become a Social Media Influencer
  17. Selling Digital Photo Works
  18. And much more!

Without further ado, let’s start the discussion one by one:

1. Join Affiliate

In simple terms, affiliate is a joint promotion and sale of products. You will be rewarded in the form of a commission for each product sold. The basic principle, revenue sharing alias revenue sharing. You could say affiliate is a way to make money from the internet without capital. Because, almost all affiliate programs allow you to join for free.

To earn money from affiliates, you need to register an affiliate program first. Overseas, a popular program is Amazon Affiliates. In Indonesia, you can join the Indonesian Affiliate Program without a registration fee.After registering, you will get a referral banner or coupon code. You can share it with other people. It can be to website visitors or your followers on social media.

When someone uses your link and makes a product purchase, you will earn a commission. In general, affiliates can show results in relatively short time. In fact, in the Indonesian Affiliate Program, you can make a fundraising (payout) with a minimum of 2 active sales only!

So, choosing the right affiliate program is important. And a good affiliate program has the following characteristics:

  • Profitable commission.
  • Timely payment.
  • Registration is easy.

2. Opening an Online Store

Opening an online store can be a way to earn money from the internet. Especially, if you have a quality product. An online store is a website that displays a variety of products for sale. The online shop is also equipped with features that make purchasing transactions easier. Each payment can be made automatically through a payment gateway. That’s it, your online store can continue to be open 24 hours.

Online stores also offer a wider audience reach. It’s different when you sell products offline with a limited market. In addition, the cost of managing an online store is much less. A well-managed online store can generate promising profits. Dian Eka’s is an example. With an initial capital of 4.5 million, his business turnover was able to penetrate 30 million rupiah per month.

To be able to follow Dian’s path of success, you need to create an online store first. We recommend that you use the WordPress platform as well as the WooCommerce plugin. The next stage, do the online store settings, starting from determining the type of payment accepted to the rules for shipping goods. After that, add the product you are selling, complete with a description. To make it easier for shoppers, you can also organize them into categories.

This way, you are ready to sell your products online. To increase sales, don’t forget to learn the right digital marketing techniques. In addition, pay attention to the features of your online store to achieve success quickly. The main features that must be present include:

  • User friendly and mobile responsive.
  • Promo page.
  • Payment gateways.

3. Create a Blog

Blogging is no longer just a hobby. This activity can be a way to earn money from the internet for beginners without capital. The good news is that anyone can create and write a blog. Also, there is no standard rule on what topics to write about. You are free to write on any topic. A successful example of blogging is Randa Derkson. This mother of 2 children is the owner of the food and travel blog, The Bewitchin Kitchen. In one post, Randa said that his income from blogging could reach Rp. 65 million/month. Wow!

To get money from blogging, of course you have to create a blog as a first step. Remember, always create a blog with a hosting subscription. Because, utilizing a free blog has several drawbacks to earn money from the internet. first a, almost all free blogging platforms prohibit you from posting ads. Second, the blogging platform may delete your blog if it is deemed a violation. This means that you do not have full control over the blog.

Well, if your personal blog is already online, proceed to the stages of creating interesting content. The more useful the content, the more likely visitors it will get. In order to get more visitors faster, you can learn how to increase your traffic the right way. If these conditions have been achieved, you can start efforts to earn online income. Where have you been?

Advertisement. You can join Google Adsense. When visitors click on the ads posted on the blog, you will get additional income. Sponsored Posts. You can work with other parties to review a product on your blog. Affiliate. Just place an affiliate banner on your blog. Then, get a commission every time a visitor clicks on the link. Well, to be able to build a good blog, we have some tips for you.

First, choose a topic (niche) that you are good at. Second, actively cooperate with many parties to increase links. Third, learn SEO to get visitors faster.

4. Selling Software

Do you understand coding? Take advantage of these skills as a way to earn money from the internet without capital. Armed with a laptop that you have, you can start this way of making money through the internet from home. A software can be made according to people’s needs such as cashier software. Or, it can start from your personal idea.

So, how do you sell software? When the software product is finished, you can immediately sell it. Some of the ways include:

  • Share the free version and sell the premium version on your website.
  • Sell ​​it through the App Store according to the operating system (Apple Store, Play Store).
  • Offer a trial version on the website and offer the license.
  • Selling software with a SaaS (Software as a Service) system.
  • Receive requests for making special software through the website.

A successful example of this method is Chris Wanstrath who sold GitHub to Microsoft for Rp. 105 trillion. There is also Hengki Wijaya who has successfully sold traffic security software to the Australian government.

5. Opening Online Coaching Services

How to make money from the internet does not have to be capital goods. You can also offer your services/expertise. One of them is teaching skills. Online coaching is sharing knowledge online using digital devices. There is so much knowledge/skills you can share online. Starting from school subjects, tutorials, to business tips and tricks.

A successful example of this method is Michael Serwa. He can earn up to £500,000 a year from online coaching. What’s special, Michael can start this way even though he doesn’t have complete certification. This means that you can start using this method at any time.

There are two options for using this method: joining an online teaching platform such as or using your personal website. Keep in mind that with a personal website, you can build an online identity better in terms of branding and development efforts. Teaching sessions in online coaching can be done via video calling using WhatsApp or Skype. Another way is to hold a member-only live streaming on your website/blog.

In addition to determining the age group and the material being taught, you can also determine whether to hold a private session or open a collective class. If you are interested in using this method, be sure to:

  • determine the target participants according to your expertise.
  • have good teaching facilities (internet, laptop, etc.).
  • manage the teaching schedule properly.
  • quality, complete and unique subject matter.

6. Create an Online Course

Similar to online coaching, creating online courses also allows you to make money with skills. The difference is, online courses require you to have a website as a center for online activities and emphasize providing interesting teaching materials. Some examples of online course websites that you can use as examples are Udemy, Coursera, and RuangGuru. To create an online course, you can build a website with the WordPress platform, then install the LMS plugin.

LMS plugins allow you to easily build online courses on your WordPress website. The features offered are also quite complete, such as course arrangement, quiz creation, and payment management. To achieve optimal results when opening an online course, there are a few tips you need to know:

  • Choose a topic (niche) that you are good at such as coding, design, etc.
  • Make sure the topic is of high interest.
  • Create interesting and interactive content.
  • Provide various types of payments to make it easier for consumers.

7. Selling WordPress Themes and Plugins

codi abilities Links related to web development have the potential to be used as a way to earn money from the internet.Not only through website creation services, you can also sell WordPress website themes and plugins. In fact, selling WordPress themes can bring in up to $1 million in profits from just one marketplace.

Well, to get started, you can create a variety of themes and plugins that users need. Ensure the best quality you have to offer. Then, you can sell it through your personal website with a freemium system. To reach more audience, you can join several marketplaces like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster. Then, increase your sales. Some marketplaces will reward you with a tier system based on the number of your sales.

8. Offer Graphic Design Skills

Turning a concept into an attractive visual display is not easy. Therefore, the expertise of a graphic designer is needed, especially for business purposes. With your design skills, there are many ways to make money online. You can share your knowledge through online courses like Kimi Kinsey and earn $2000/month. You can also sell your design work.

To follow this way of making money online, having a good portfolio website is highly recommended, for example, like that of Lotta Nieminen, a graphic designer from Finland. Then, you can write down your various skills in the About section. The goal is to make it easier for clients to contact you.

More than that, you can also create unique merchandise on your website. If using the WordPress platform, just use the WooCommerce plugin and create a Shop page on the website. To carry out promotional efforts, you can use social media or join several freelance platforms to make it easier for clients to find you.

9. Build a YouTube Channel

Do you know Ryan Kaji? This 8-year-old child is ranked first in YouTube’s Top Earners. He made no less than $26 million in 2019. Wow! How to make money from Ryan’s YouTube? Simple, he did the unboxing of children’s toys. With a natural style typical of children, he was able to gain a lot of followers and attract big names like Nickelodeon and Hulu to offer sponsorship partnerships.

Of course, there are many other content ideas you can use. For example, reviewing food and electronic products, or sharing beauty tips. Apart from sponsors, a YouTuber can get a lot of additional income, from advertising to becoming an influencer.

Building a YouTube channel is free. You do not need to think about capital to use this method. It requires supporting tools such as cameras and others, but the most important thing is interesting content.

The idea must also be unique, it can be an entertainment channel, general information, or a tutorial. In addition, 88% of Indonesian internet users access YouTube. This means that you have a great opportunity to reach a large audience.

10. Selling Products by Dropship

Previously we reviewed dropship as a home business idea. In fact, dropshipping is indeed one way to earn money from the internet without capital. In short, the working principle of dropship is like a reseller, you sell other party’s products. The difference is, resellers must store goods before reselling, dropship does not. This is because all deliveries are made by the supplier.

Although the profit margin is not as big as selling their own products, the results are quite promising. One example is Marc Chapon who was able to earn an additional $150,000 in just three months. In Indonesia, with many marketplaces, dropshipping is growing and can bring in income of up to millions of rupiah.

To try the dropship business, there are several steps to take:

  • Determine the products to be sold (electronics, cosmetics, etc.).
  • Looking for a supplier with a good reputation.
  • Determine the means of selling (marketplace, personal website, social media).
  • Build your own brand and promote it.
  • If these steps have been taken, you are ready to sell dropship.
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