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SPECTRE Level IV Advanced Real-Time Predictive Logic Trading Environment. Defining a New Level in Trading and Asset-Price Discovery.



With the many changes in the market place, the current trading environment has become more challenging than ever.  Online Brokers, as well as old-style Retail Brokers, have had a harder time than ever proving their value to investors and traders.  Most trading platforms available show little  more  than  standard  charts  and indicators,  and  provide  crude  depth-of-book and  order execution interfaces.  SL4 (located at is the next generation trading platform created by traders to fulfill the huge gap in the trading/decision support marketplace.  

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It provides everything from advanced order execution to advanced predictive
logic in order to guide traders moment-by-moment to the best trading
opportunities.  Instinet recently acquired ProTrader, Ameritrade
acquired TradeCast, Goldman Sachs acquired SLK/RediPlus and The Hull Group,
and Schwab acquired CyberTrader.   SL4 offers a multitude of
proprietary features that none of the aforementioned platforms can come
close to matching.  The cutting-edge SL4 trading platform provides a
distinct strategic advantage to any Trader, Market-Maker, or Broker
utilizing the SL4 technology.  The following is a summary of some of
SL4’s primary features.

The following list has been identified as a small representation of the
type of proprietary features and trading data that is supplied and
referenced for users of the SL4 trading environment:

  • Thousands of Real-Time HIGH-PROBABILITY Trading “Opportunities” Provided
    Every Day, Generated by Scanning Hundreds of Different Listed and NASDAQ
  • Order Entry, Alerts, and Opportunities can additionally be communicated to
    Trader utilizing SL4’s built-in voice/speech processor, as well as overlaid
    onto SL4’s proprietary charts.
  • SL4 is also invaluable for trading Futures, e-Mini S&P 500 and Nasdaq
    100 Futures, and Foreign Exchange.  It can display and process any
    Depth-of-Book data source (ECN Books, Exchange Depth-of-Books, Firm’s
    Internal Order Books), and will be compatible with Single Stock Futures
    (SSFs) that are expected to experience dramatic growth in the near future.
  • End-of-day Performance Record Indicates Maximum Profit Potential of Every
    Trade Opportunity Presented, Assuming 2 Levels of Risk Per Trade (ie. for a
    stock such as MSFT, this would be a 10 cent move).   Most trading
    systems are based on simple indicators, volume, and charting patterns, and
    process little more than recent time & sales data consolidated into bar
    charts.  In SL4, opportunities are calculated through a highly complex
    algorithmic process that takes into account every facet of the data
    presented (such as Time&Sales, participant, and depth data), all in
    real-time, to provide 1000’s of High- Probability BUY or SELL opportunities
    every day.
  • SL4 can be utilized to identify new trading opportunities in different
    stocks and/or to trade a single stock or group of stocks.
  • Basket Trading feature enables the Trader to consolidate multiple trading
    signals across several assets and provides a new weighted trading
    opportunity. Baskets can also be charted, and entered into the Order Entry
    Manager for Automatic Execution.  Consolidation of signals can provide
    even higher accuracy than individual signals, and allows for easy
    implementation of sector-based trading styles.
  • On  the  Back-End,  Complex  Formulas
    Calculate  the  Top  10  Market  Makers
    and  Their Activity at Multiple Price Levels.  The Trader is
    Presented the Current Trading Day’s Top 10

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Market Makers and Their Calculated Trading Activity in the Stock (Heavily
Long, Long, Short, Heavily Short).  This data is updated dynamically
moment-to-moment.  The Trader is also shown the previous day’s Market
Maker Rankings for comparison to today’s controlling interests.

  • Provides Intraday Alerts that Informs Traders of Any Event that May be of
    Significance in 
    Identifying the Next Move or Reversal:
  • When  a  team  of  Market  Makers  has
    accumulated  or  distributed  a  significant quantity of
    stock at a particular price level.
  • Extended Consolidation and Previous Day and 52-Week High/Low Break-Outs.
  • When a Top 10 Market Maker holds or retreats from control in a particular
  • When a Top 10 Market Maker attempts to repeatedly control a particular price
  • When a team of Market Makers attempt to Trick other Traders and Quickly
    Shift Their Positions on the Montage.
  • Any stock that is identified as having entered into a strong trending phase
    and how far it is currently extended on a moment-by-moment basis.
  • Many other powerful alerts, including CUP formations, Order Imbalances,
    Range Contraction BreakOUTs, Trend and Support/Resistance Auto-TrendLine
    Identification and CrossOver Alerts on Multiple Timeframes, Cycle-Optimized
    Overbought and Oversold Indications on Multiple Timeframes, and the ActiVU
    display provide alerts to stocks that are about to move, continue a current
    move, or face a reversal. SL4 will also identify if a stock on the move had
    any News Headlines associated with it.
  • Specialized  Alerts,  Indications,  and  Tools
    for  Identifying  Panic  Market  Trading Conditions and
    Their Potential Reversal Points.
  • Pivot Point Identification and Trading Zone Support/Resistance Probability
  • Full ability to Filter and Scan incoming informational Alerts.
  • Proprietary Charting Routines Provide a Non-Lagging, Real-Time
    Representation of Current Price Movement and Order Flow, while Removing Most
    of the Underlying “Noise”.  This is especially powerful for less liquid
    stocks with wider spreads, since the SL4 charts provide a much clearer image
    of the true underlying trend.  Charts can be displayed either in
    Absolute Price or in Price Extension from the Open of the Day, and also
    factor in time and volume versus price.  A Trader can also watch
    activity on a 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute, 60 minute, and daily
    basis utilizing the ChartTrends feature, which also provides a weighted
    easy-to-read display of the current trend on each time frame.
  • Key Price Levels are calculated and presented to the trader as they are
    discovered.  It is at these prices that “battles” tend to take place
    that lead to trend reversals.
  • Trading Opportunities, Key Prices, and other information can be directly
    overlaid onto the chart for easy analysis.
  • Complete Asset Statistics are Provided for Every Stock in SL4.
    This enables traders to expeditiously understand the trading dynamics
    of a particular stock.
  • Advanced Level II / Depth-of-Book Montage Screens that presents a clear and
    concise representation of current market activity, along with optional
    consolidation of total available size at the top three best bid / offer
    levels.  ECN Book Data is also incorporated into the Montage, and the
    Top 10 Market Makers are highlighted with ranking and last-move
    information  overlaid.     Double-clicking
    on  a  particular  Market  Maker  provides
    quick information on the Market Maker’s name, and other important
    information regarding his currently displayed quote.   All colors
    can be adjusted to maximize the trader’s comfort throughout the trading
    day.  Price Levels are optionally grouped by SL4’s calculated Level
    Size for each asset, so that true underlying movement is easier to
    identify.  This feature is especially powerful since decimalization has
    taken effect.
  • Dynamically updating representation of the Trend Strength at the current
    Price Level, as well as an indication of the Primary Underlying Trend
    Strength, clearly displayed at the top of each Montage.  Order Flow
    Ratios and other statistics can also be displayed.
  • Analyzes Market Maker Activity Across an Entire Sector of Stocks, and
    Indicates Which Market Makers are Buying or Selling a Particular Sector, if
    any.  Also determines if the Buy or Sell Opportunities issued by SL4
    can lead to a potential move in a particular Sector, and also provides an
    overall Trend Strength indication for the entire Sector.
  • Complete Advanced Portfolio Management and Order Execution Screens that can
    be linked to any computerized order execution back-end system that publishes
    an API (Application Programming  Interface)  and  is
    easily  compatible  with  Stocks,  Futures,
    and  Foreign Exchange symbols.  Orders are repeated back to Trader
    Verbally, nearly eliminating order entry errors.  Multiple orders can
    easily be created and confirmed in a blink of an eye, with a simple
    mouse-click or keystroke to transmit or cancel each (or all) open orders.
  • Account Handler provides automatic order routing to the best market center,
    and Trader can see which market centers are currently available and active
    and can block certain routes from the SMART routing feature through a click
    of the mouse.  Account Handler can also simulate off-floor STOP /
    STOP-LIMIT orders and Reserve orders, along with a slew of others.  For
    back-ends that do not offer Cancel/Replace features, the Account Handler can
    simulate Cancel/Replace and provides a single SL4 Order ID for order so that
    it can easily be rolled-up and identified on the back-end.   New
    routes can easily be added as they become available once they are added to
    the firm’s back-end environment.
  • API available to enter and manage orders via SL4’s advanced front-end
    environment for automatic execution of customized trading systems and other
    third-party applications.
  • Warnings are provided if SL4 detects potential delays in real-time data
    delivery versus its source.  SL4 also provides in-depth connection
    statistics in order to assist in monitoring and diagnosing network problems
    or other potential performance issues.  SL4 also implements
    sophisticated scanning methods to clean incoming data to minimize stuck
    quotes and ECN Order Book Bids or Offers.
  • SL4 is currently compatible with market data from eSignal, MarketFeed,
    PC-Quote Orbit, Townsend RealTick, and QCharts.  New data feed sources
    can be easily implemented.  All that is required is the creation of a
    new Data Feed Handler that can power all of SL4’s components.
  • Advanced Real-Time Simulated Trading Environment allows accurate simulation
    of trading results in order to gauge a trader’s abilities without risking
    live capital.  Orders will only fill if there was a high probability
    that the execution could have occurred.
  • If required, SL4 can run side-by-side with other Charting, Trading Packages,
    or Order Execution Applications.
  • Dual-Screen Compatible to maximize available viewable area and to allow for
    maximum trader comfort.

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Bear Stearns Analyst Finds Semi-Professional Traders Are Increasing Their
Presence and Driving Technology.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)-Amid growing concern in the market, Amy Butte, Bear
Stearns financial services analyst, believes that day traders are still alive
and kicking.

In her report entitled Day Trading and Beyond: A New Year, An Updated View,
Butte revisits the on-line trading realm to find that
semi-professional  traders  continue  to  increase
their  presence  in  the  market,  as  they
further  embrace  the  most  sophisticated technologies.
Back in April, Butte released her first on-line trading report, which
categorized the population that makes up the on-line trading community into
three distinct groups: semi-professional / day traders (customers that trade
25-45+ times per day), active traders (customers that trade 15-40 times per
year) and self-directed asset managers (customers that trade less than 15
times per year). “Last year we were only first learning of the day-trading
phenomenon. Now we are finding that semi-professional traders continue to
flourish, surpassing many of the other types of traders and defining their
industry,” explains Butte.

An Emerging Presence

According to Butte’s study, the total number of on-line retail accounts
rose an estimated 48% in 2000, but the average number of trades per account
fell. Despite the fact that trade execution for self-directed asset managers
and active trader accounts was flat and down 37%, respectively, trades per
account rose 55% at the semi-professional level, said Butte. “Clearly not
everyone in this industry has slowed their trading. What could be considered
a relatively small community of day traders, has really emerged as a
powerful force in the on-line investing world,” said Butte. 

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Increasing Demand

As day traders become increasingly Internet savvy, they are playing a major
role in driving the competitive dynamics of on-line trading.
Butte  discovered that  although the  number of technology
providers has remained the same, “first-mover” status  has remained a
crucial competitive advantage. Therefore, Butte notes on-line developers are
constantly seeking new avenues of growth, specifically by creating updated
trading technologies. “Developers are faced with the challenge to move
beyond direct-access capabilities,” said Butte. “Previously traders simply
looked for fast, efficient execution. Now, as the traders’ demands
intensify, they are searching for better trading technology.”

Meeting the Challenge

Butte found the day traders’ demands were being met, in part, by “smart
order routing” capabilities – either with real-time or end-of- day
information. According to Butte, these systems assist traders by uncovering
trading patterns and helping the trader find the best method of execution.
“For example,” explained Butte, “when traders needed to test a technical
pattern, in the past they would have to wait until the end of the day to run
a list of the stocks meeting those criteria. The new systems can alert
traders as soon as stocks have met their criteria, and can even execute
trades automatically,” explained Butte.

Trends To Watch

Butte believes the on-line trading technology sector is headed for
consolidation over the next six to 12 months. “Traders need systems that can
handle their scale and increased trading capacity. The more advanced the
decision support tools, the more likely the traders will be to use the
service,” explained Butte. She also notes that the pressure to improve trade
execution and increase capacity could grow especially intense with the
implementation of full-scale decimalization and SuperSoes within the next
year or two. Butte predicts that the trend toward consolidation could spark
increased interest in this segment and perhaps push valuations higher.

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